Frequently Asked Questions


What pricing plans are available?
What type of doctor can use Agent+?
Is Agent+ secure?
What is a CPSO number vs an OHIP Billing number?

Getting Agent+ Ready

What do I need to use Agent+?
How do I register for a Go Secure Account?
How do I register for a MCEDT Account?
How do I assign Agent+ as a designee?

Pricing Plans

What pricing plans are available?
Am I locked into a contract?
Is there an activation fee?
Can I change plans?
How can I pay for Agent+?
When am I charged for Agent+?
How does the free trial work?
Do I still get a free trial in Full Service plan?
How do I cancel?

Setting Up Agent+

What is a PIN and why does Agent+ ask for a one as soon as I log in?
Why does Agent+ need my Contact and Professional information?
What is my MOH Office?