Our Story

Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem.  Ours was simple:  medical billing is too expensive and time consuming.

Founded by doctors who tried to manage billing ourselves, we quickly learned that diverting time and energy from our purpose of improving care for people in our community didn’t make sense.  So we tried traditional billing agent services, but that wasn’t much better.  We still had the cumbersome paperwork and now the extra burden of getting claims safely to the agent without compromising patient confidentiality.  And with no visibility to our claims status and the high cost of billing agent services, we thought there had to be something else.  There wasn’t.

So, we started Motive Health to create a better way.

Who We Are

Motive Health is a healthcare technology company.  We are on a mission to simplify the lives of clinicians through innovative and secure medical billing technology, so they can better serve the people in our community.

What We Believe

Our values are rooted in altruism, enthusiasm, harmony, and openness.  We believe we are part of something bigger than ourselves and share our success with our community.