Frequently Asked Questions


What specialties does Agent+ support?
Currently any physician who practices medicine in Ontario and bills through OHIP can create and submit claims with Agent+. The app is optimized for specialists who operate in hospital environments. Please see the full list here
Is Agent+ secure?
Agent+ was built with information privacy in mind, focusing on PHIPAA compliance and data security. This is accomplished via several factors.

Authentication: Agent+ creates a unique ID for every installed version of the app, and requires a PIN for access to the app and associated patient information.

Audit Controls: We maintain a log of who accesses your data, and when they access it.

Encryption: We ensure that all Protected Health Information is kept private and secure, provided by IDENTOS 256 AES Encryption built into the app. This encryption ensures that only you can access your PHI, and that all data stored on your device is protected from external threat.

What is a CPSO number vs an OHIP Billing number?
A CPSO number is assigned to each doctor, which they provide to a pharmacist when prescribing medication. This number can be found on the CPSO website. An OHIP Billing number (aka OHIP Provider Number) is assigned to a doctor by the Ministry of Health, and is used to identify them when billing or referring patients. A billing number can be found by looking at old medical reports, asking the on-staff unit clerk, or speaking to the administrator of the hospital. When adding a referring physician to your app, you need the billing number, not the CPSO number.
When do I get paid?

MOH deposits your cheque, with the amount specified on your Remittance Advice (RA), in your account between the 12th-15th of the month.  As specified on the RA, the claims that you are being paid for are claims submitted by the prior month’s MOH cut off date. If you have not received payment, but filled out the direct deposit form, call MOH to confirm that they have the correct deposit details at 1(800) 262-6524.

I’m new to billing, what do I need to know?
Do you have a referral program?

Yes! When your referral becomes a paying customer, you get 1 month of free billing.

How it works:

  1. Invite your colleagues to use Agent+: http://bit.ly/agent-plus
  2. Send them your invite code (code can be found in the footer of your emails from Agent+)
  3. When they sign up, they’ll get free billing for 1 month if they mention your invite code
  4. Once your referral is billing for one month as a paid customer, you’ll get 1 month free

Want to earn life time free billing? Contact us about our Ambassador Program.

Where is MOH claims office and how do I contact my claims assessor?

Oshawa office (office F) handles providers in Oshawa, Ottawa and London
To call Oshawa office, dial 1-800-262-6524, select language and prompts 4-1-1-3

Hamilton office (office G) handles providers in Toronto, Sudbury and Thunder Bay
To call Hamilton, dial 1-800-262-6524, select language and prompts 4-1-1-5

Toronto office (office N) handles providers in Hamilton, Mississauga and Kingston
To call Toronto office dial 1-800-262-6524, select language and prompts 4-1-1-4

If you still do not know your office, call MOH Help Desk at 1-800-262-6524 to assist. Agents are available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. All district offices are open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Setting up Agent+

What do I need to use Agent+?
You will need

  • To download Agent+, create an Agent+ account, and complete your Professional Profile
  • Your OHIP Provider (Billing) number
  • A Go Secure and MCEDT Login
  • To designate Agent+ to bill on your behalf with the OMHLTC (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care)
  • To provide us your Billing Information
How do I register for a Go Secure Account?
 Note: You will be required to open and close your Internet browser several times during the process of registering for the GO Secure account and enrolling for MC EDT. You can not have other Internet items open at the same time.

Receive letter from the ministry that includes your OHIP Number and information to register for a Go Secure Account
Open a new browser window and copy the link in the ministry letter https://www.edt.health.gov.on.ca
Select “Register Now” to create a GO Secure account.
Close your Internet browser.
Reopen your Internet browser and check your email.
Receive an email with the subject: “GO Secure Login – Registration Confirmation” requesting email confirmation.
Copy the link in the “Registration Confirmation” email into a new browser window.
Confirm your email account by signing in with your GO Secure ID and password.
You have completed the registration for your GO Secure login
How do I register for a MCEDT Account?
Open your Internet browser and navigate to GO Secure Login screen using the copied link from your ministry letter.
Enroll for MC EDT by signing in with your GO Secure ID and password and use the “Unique Identifiers” provided in the ministry letter.
Confirm the enrolment for MC EDT by selecting the text link indicated on the screen to navigate to the GO Secure Login screen again.
Sign in on the GO Secure Login with your GO Secure ID and password to navigate to the Administration and MOHLTC Services page.
You have completed the enrolment for MC EDT.
How do I assign Agent+ as a designee?
In order for Agent+ to bill on your behalf, you must add Agent+ as a designee.
Please ensure you have a GO Secure Login and an MCEDT Login (see above).

NOTE This process is often easier when completed on a computer or tablet. If you are having any difficulty, please contact us at 1-647-933-5613 or support@agentplus.ca and we can assist you

To Designate Agent+:

Visit the Go Secure Portal
Select “Designee Maintenance”ohip go secure portal step 2
Select “Add Designee”ohip go secure portal step 3
Enter Designee Details of person you wish to designate. For Agent+ please use the following details:
Full Name: Agent Plus
Email: ba@agentplus.caohip go secure portal step 4
Our information will be displayed, select “Confirm this Designation”ohip go secure portal step 5
Wait for the system generated email from GO Secure advising you that Agent+ has accepted their designationohip go secure portal step 6
Return to the GO Secure web portal and select “Designee Maintenance”ohip go secure portal step 7
Find Agent+ in the table of Designated Accounts, then select the ‘ba@agentplus.ca’ hyperlink.ohip go secure portal step 8
On the Service Delegation page, select the MC EDT hyperlink.ohip go secure portal step 9
At the Designate Permission screen, select the Select All buttonohip go secure portal step 9
Select Save to ensure all changes take effect
Receive an email from Agent+ with confirmation that the designation was successful. You are now ready to create and submit claims!
What is a PIN and why does Agent+ ask for a one as soon as I log in?
A PIN is a four digit code you’ll enter every time you open the Agent+ app to verify your identity. It ensures that your patient data stays safe and encrypted at all times, except when you need it.
Why does Agent+ need my Contact and Professional information?
In order to bill for you, Agent+ needs to provide information on your behalf to the MOH, in order for you to be properly paid for your submitted claims
Where is my MOH District office and how to contact them?

There are offices located in Oshawa, Hamilton and Toronto.  If you are unsure of your district office, call MOH Help Desk at 1-800-262-6524.  Agents are available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Reach your district office by calling MOH Help desk 1-800-262-6524 and follow the prompts:

For Oshawa (office F), select language and then 4-1-1-3; Fax 905-434-4186

For Hamilton (office G), select language and then 4-1-1-5; Fax 905-546-8287

For Toronto (office N), select language and then 4-1-1-4; Fax 416-314-7518

All district offices are open Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

For details on all MOH offices, please click here.

Pricing Plans

What pricing plans are available?
We offer four plans designed to suit your different needs. Learn about the best option for you here. For your first billing cycle, we offer Full Service Plan at no charge, which allows you to give us a try and see what pricing tier is best for you.

Interested? Get started.

Am I locked into a contract?
We’re flexible! Change plans at any time, with no contract commitment.
Is there an activation fee?
Can I change plans?
Absolutely, contact us here to discuss your options. Changes will be reflected on the following billing cycle.
How can I pay for Agent+?
We accept payment by credit card.
When am I charged for Agent+?
You are only charged a fee on what you are paid by the Ministry. Your credit card will be charged when your monthly RA report is provided to you. The report will include details of all claims billed and an Agent+ Invoice.
How does the free trial work?

Once you submit your first claim, you have access to the services provided in our Full Service Plan until the upcoming MOH cut off date and all claims on your first monthly Remittance Advice (RA) report and processed at no charge.

You will automatically be continued on the Full Service Plan after the cut off date, until you advise us you would like to change plans. If you choose to immediately move to a plan that does not include rejection management following the free trial, just remember that rejection management will not be offered for rejections from your first RA (Partial & Non-Payments).

Do I still get a free trial in Paper plan?
If you choose our Paper plan, you will receive a $100 credit, which you will see on the invoice provided with your first monthly RA report.
How do I cancel?
Contact us here

How to use the App

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