Billing Solution Comparison

See how OHIP billing software and solutions measure up

When compared to other services such as manual billing agents and desktop OHIP billing software, Agent+ is the best choice. That’s because only Agent+ provides the optimal combination of billing support and control over your claims, while simultaneously saving you time and money.


Agent+ offers a range of rates that suit your billing needs and your budget. While our rates are slightly higher than do-it-yourself desktop billing software, you’ll quickly see that Agent+ more than pays for itself with the time you’ll save and the support and coaching you’ll receive. And with Agent+, your first month of service is free!

Comparison OHIP billing software - fees

Time Spent

Consider how much extra admin time you spend to record, compile, and enter or send claims each month. Agent+ saves you 3-10 hrs per month over other billing solutions.

Comparison OHIP billing software - time spent


Decide how much control you want to have over your billing. Stay in the know with Agent+ where a full view over your claims is always available, from creation to resolution.

Comparison OHIP billing software - transparency


How much support do you need when you bill? With Agent+ you get personalized support from our billing team for all your billing questions, as well as coaching, so you can arm yourself with knowledge to help you maximize your billing revenue.

Comparison OHIP Billing Software - support