Applying for your OHIP billing number

Applying for your OHIP Billing number

An OHIP billing number, or provider number, is necessary when submitting OHIP fee for service claims.  New physicians have 6 months to obtain a billing number from the time they start submitting claims to the Ministry of Health before those claims become stale and unpaid.

To make things simple, we put together a checklist so you can get on track and start filling up that bank account again.  Here’s what you will need in order to begin billing claims to MOHLTC:

  1. After completing exams, you must apply for an Independant Practice License to be registered with the CPSO to practice medicine in Ontario
  2. Have a primary Ontario practice address
  3. Complete the Ministry of Health’s Application for OHIP Billing Number
  4. Include this completed form so you can receive monthly payments for claim submissions by direct bank payment.
  5. Submit the above
    1. by email:
    2. by fax: 613-545-5848

Once the ministry has processed your application, you can expect a letter to your practice address with next steps.

For extra assistance:
call: 1-800-262-6524